Hey Aron for everyone that doesnt know you yet. Here is a little round of speeddating:

Yoo waddup, My name is Aron Rovers, i’m 17 years old and I live in the flat Netherlands. My sport is unfortunately downhill longboarding, skateboarding and surfing. I often do some skiing and wakeboarding too.

Boardsports are your thing right! What do you do when your not standing on a board in some ways?

Well when Im not doing something I like Im mostly at school or at work. But I like to film and edit too or take pictures that’s also what I do at school. I work in a beachhouse doing dishes and refill stuff in a Gamma – its like a do it yourself store!

Nice that was a good start but we want to know some more. Can you describe yourself with 3 words?

oiii ehhmm sportive, relaxed and aerodynamic haha

Haha your a funny dude! Do you have a favorite joke you want to tell us?

How do you lift up an elephant with 1 hand?

– You can’t, Elephants dont have hands

Haha good one! Now you are a downhill skateboarder! Can you explain to us what downhill skateboarding means to you, how you started this sport and what it is that you like so much about it?

Well I started downhill skateboarding about 2,5/ 3 years ago from now. It pretty much all started at my simple homespot about 5 mins from home. I saw a dude named Tom Boerman skating that hill and all i thought was „wow I wanna do that shit too!!“. So I went and bought a helmet and made some simple slidegloves. A couple of days later i did my first slides and I thought „yeah lets buy a better longboard“ and from then on it all became bigger hills, faster spots, better gear and thats how I got here where I am today. Downhill skateboarding means a damn lot to me because I got in the dutch community just about when I started to get the whole thing and everyone in there is super nice and cool! There’s always a good vibe when skating with them. So yeah haha I guess its all downhill from here xd

Are you not scared to reach such speeds on a little skateboard when going down hills? How do you overcome those fears?

When I’m riding on those roads with beautiful views en decsend speeds I am compeletely in my element and 100% focussed on what I’m doing so there’s really no space left for fear. So Im not scared to get on those speeds – it actually gives met a lot of adrenaline and I only want to go faster.

So is that your personal „flow“ and also why you like skateboarding so much?

Yeah! When Im riding my skateboard I feel freedom and just have nothing else to think about. It just gives me a peacefully feeling.

What does it mean to you as a young skater to be the first to join our flowseekers team?

Actually means alot to me and it is super fun to represent flowseekers pretty much everywhere I go on my board.

What goals do you have in downhill skateboarding and how can we follow your path?

My goal is to just get to know more people around the world, skate a lot in a lot of different countrys and maybe even get somewhere with racing! You can easily follow me on all my social media such as instagram facebook youtube and snapchat.

Thanks for the honest answers Aron. We are stoked to have you in our team!